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Metallseparator för montering direkt före extrudrar och formsprutor


Inspection of: Bulk products
Dry, Free-flowing,
Installation in: Bulk material columns
Used in: Plastics industry

• Prevents blockage of nozzles, filters and channels thereby increasing machine utilisation and production efficiency in the following industries:
• Electronics industry: connector components
• Data processing: optical discs
• Household goods: housing components
• Drinks industry: bottle caps 

PROTECTOR metal separation systems remove magnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities (steel, stainless steel, aluminium etc) from standing or slow-moving columns of bulk material. They are installed directly above the material infeed of injection moulding machines.

The overall height of the PROTECTOR makes it one of the smallest metal separators on the market. It is equipped with S+S’ unique patented reject device which temporarily creates a vacuum (Venturi nozzle) to divert contaminated material.

If the PROTECTOR is to be installed on an injection moulding machine or connected to peripheral machines it can be equipped with securing holes and adapter plates.


• Compact design (aluminium block) enables additional equipment such as heavy conveyor, mixing or dosing machines to be attached to the unit
• Effective and reliable removal of contaminants even with high proportions of regranulate
• Contaminants beginning from a size of 0,3 mm are removed
• Consistent detection and removal of metal particles from free-falling material not only at the initial fill but also at subsequent top-ups 

Detection Unit: with circular aperture
Control Unit: PRIMUS microprocessor controller
Separation unit: Reject pusher with Venturi extraction system
Optional features: Alarm
Technical data

Standard widths (in mm): 30, 40, 50, 60
Maximum scanning sensitivity Ø Fe-ball: 0,3 mm
Protection rating: IP 54

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