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MAG 4400 ME G

Inspection of: Bulk products
Used in: Recycling industry

• removes collars containing lead from container glass cullet
• removes wire-reinforced glass from flat/plate glass cullet
• removes connector pins from crushed lighting tubes and fittings 

The MAG 4300 series of metal separators, used in glass recycling, removes metal contaminants eg aluminium, steel or lead from glass cullet. The cullet is widened on an external feeder and reaches the glass slide where the pieces are further individualised before continuing into the inspection area of the multi-channel metal detector. If a metal contaminant is detected microprocessors determine its exact location. Electronics evaluate this position and ejection nozzles are activated with pinpoint accuracy and at precisely the right time to blow out the contaminant. The ejection nozzles are so precise that the metal contaminants are removed with very little loss of cullet. The rest of the cullet, free of metal contaminants, then continues along the conveyor.

• removes all types of metal, including stainless steel
• removes metal, metal composites and inclusions
• removes contaminants with pinpoint accuracy
• modular design

Detection Unit: Multi-segment metal detection coil
Segmented single-face metal detector
Control Unit: Microprocessor-controlled evaluation and user interface
Separation unit: Segmented air ejection nozzles
Optional features: Vibratory conveyor
VISUTEC real time management information and remote maintenance system
Technical data

Maximum scanning sensitivity Ø Fe-ball: 0,8 mm

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